Elux Bars

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Elux is a fantastic vape brand that produces luxurious and effective e-cigarettes that are loved by beginner and experienced vapers around the world. The Elux Legend 3500 is the most popular device sold by the company. It is a compact and powerful disposable e-cigarette that is a fierce contender to be the best disposable vape on the market! Elux Bars are available in flavours like Berry Lemonade, Spearmint, Strawberry Ice Cream and many more. Browse through Juicemate’s collection of Elux products below to find your new favourite vape for an amazing price. 

Elux Bar FAQs

Elux Bars are one of the hottest disposable vape brands on the market. They have seen a meteoric rise to success since their beginnings in 2021, and Eluxtech shows no signs of slowing down. 

Elux has narrowed its focus specifically towards disposable vapes, meaning if you choose an Elux Bar, you will experience the result of years worth of research, testing and manufacturing. 

Their innovation is unmatched: Elux has created a disposable vape perfect for both beginners and veterans, offering a pleasant experience for newbies and a blissful change for more experienced.

At Juicemate, we stock the five most supreme flavours of Elux Bars. Right now, nothing compares to the sugary taste of the Peach Blueberry Candy disposable vape. First, you’ll experience the sweet hit of peaches and blueberries: with floral notes, you’ll experience the delicate sensation without any acidic aftertaste. 

Then, you will love the intense sugar hit that follows. Or, if you are more interested in traditional flavours, try the Elux Fresh Mint. 

Your mouth will feel icy and refreshed in no time. Another Juicemate favourite is Elux’s Cotton Candy vape which tastes like a sweet, honeydew melon!

 For a more tangy experience, try the Blueberry Raspberry Elux Bar, ideal for those who want a taste of the sweet and sour side. The last flavour we stock is aptly named Clear: it has a distinctive spearmint taste for all menthol lovers among us.

Also known as the Elux Legend, Juicemate is proud to stock Elux 3500 puff vapes. Released in 2021, this disposable is one of the most popular and innovative products in the vaping industry. Mainly because of its high-resolution vaporiser made with a titanium, nickel and ceramic heating chamber. 

The Elux 3500 puff bar has an extremely long-lasting battery: for a lover of disposable vapes, this is what every customer wants. They are more durable and aesthetically pleasing with their rectangular, streamlined design.

The Elux KOV Disposable Vape lasts 600 puffs and contains 2ml of 20mg of nicotine salt E-Liquid, making it legal to sell in the UK. The Tobacco Products Directive (also known as the TPD) enforces standards that vape retailers must follow.

The standard is that no vape should contain over 2ml of E-Liquid. Any amount over this is considered above the legal limit and does not comply with the regulations: this is why the Elux 3500 puff is not currently legal in the UK, as it contains over 10ml of E-Liquid.

At Juicemate, we only stock Elux’s range of disposable vapes. They are a closed system, meaning that once their battery and E-Liquid have run out, you will have to throw it away and purchase another. 

Elux Disposables do not have a charging port, nor do they have buttons like traditional vape mods. They are the easiest way vapers can get their fix with minimal hassle. If you are new to vaping, disposables are the best way to dip your toes into the industry. 

If you own a more expensive vape mod but don’t want to bring your equipment on a night out, taking a disposable vape is the simplest way to continue your habit.

A Public Health England (PHE) study carried out three years ago found that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking traditional tobacco products. Disposable vapes like the ones sold by Elux Bars are the ideal stepping stone for former smokers. 

They have proven to be an effective anti-smoking aid because they allow nicotine users to get their fix without going cold turkey: this can reduce the effects of nicotine withdrawal.  The consequences of smoking E-Cigarettes are minimal compared to the risks of smoking. 

That is not to say they are risk-free: no nicotine product is entirely safe. However, vapes are a smoking cessation tool that has helped millions kick a tough habit. By reducing the strength of your E-Liquid, you can wean yourself off nicotine gradually.

The Elux Legend 3500 goes for £14.99 online at Juicemate. Reduced from £19.99, you’ll regret not snapping up such a bargain.

Juicemate offers free delivery on orders over £14.99, meaning that if you buy one of the Elux Legend 3500 Puff bars, you’ll get free delivery. All orders placed before 2PM Monday to Friday are shipped the same day via Royal Mail second class. 

You can expect your new Elux Legend to arrive between 1 to 3 business days: why leave the house when you could have vapes delivered straight to your door? For orders under £14.99, we only charge a £1.50 delivery fee.