At Juicemate, we have an extensive range of fantastic disposable vapes, such as Geek Bars and Elf Bars. All of the disposable e-cigarettes that we have come in many delicious flavours, so if you want to treat your taste buds and get a satisfying nicotine hit in the process – these are perfect for you! All of the vapes have up to 600 puffs. These bars are slim and can conveniently fit in your pocket or bag, and the bold colours make a statement. Buy yours today for a great price.  

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Disposable vapes in the UK are becoming more and more popular! The convenience of the slim and compact size allows you to slide them into your pocket or bag with ease, and it makes them very discrete. The bold colour design creates a statement and makes you look trendy. One of the best things about a disposable e-cig is the huge range of flavours that they come in. Enjoy a satisfying nicotine hit and delicious flavour for an amazing price today! 

Two of the most popular disposable vape pens in the UK are Elf Bars and Geek Bars. Elf Bars are available in over 27 different flavours such as blueberry sour raspberry, energy ice, cola and strawberry ice. Elf bars are known for their bold colours and strong flavours, with each bar you get around 600 puffs and the nicotine strength is 20mg nicotine (2%).  

Geek Bars are fantastic disposable e-cigarettes. For a brilliant price, you can enjoy a nicotine hit, with the strength being 20mg nicotine (2%) and flavourful e-liquids. You can try out different flavours such as pink lemonade, watermelon ice, menthol and many more. 

One of the great things about disposable vapes is that they are ready to use as soon as you purchase them. You do not need to do anything, simply remove the packaging, and they are ready to use. Once you have finished with it, you can throw them away in your regular bin. For the great cost of £4.99 (Elf Bars) and ​​£5.99 (Geek Bars), you can afford to regularly replace them, and try out new flavours all of the time. 

Disposable vapes are great for day-to-day use. As you can be discreet with them. The smell is pleasant and non-lingering, so you do not need to worry about smelling like tobacco the way you might if you were smoking a cigarette. Alternatively, if you prefer to use larger vapes then having a disposable as backup is a great idea, e.g. if you run out of e-liquid or if you would prefer to use it for a night out or festival. 

Make the switch to vaping today. Say goodbye to overpriced cigarettes, which give you health problems, and say hello to vaping which has a fraction of the health risk attached to it and will save you money in the long run.