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At Juicemate we have an extensive range of the best disposable vapes in the UK, such as Crystal Bars , Elf BarsElf Bar Lost Mary and Elf Bar Bloody Mary. All of the disposable throw away vapes that we have come in many delicious flavours, so if you want to treat your taste buds and get a satisfying nicotine hit in the process – these are perfect for you! All of the vapes have up to 600 puffs. These bars are slim and can conveniently fit in your pocket or bag, and the bold colours make a statement. Buy your shiny new throw away vape today for a great, affordable price.
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Elf Bar 600
3 for £13.99
Lost Mary Vape
3 for £13.99
Bloody Mary Vape
3 for £13.99
Flum MI 600 Puffs
4 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Tobacco Vape
3 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Cotton Candy Ice Vape
3 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Vimto Bull Vape
3 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Gummy Bear
3 for £13.99
Elf Bar 600 Watermelon
3 for £13.99
Spearmint Elf Bar 600 Puff Disposable Vape
3 for £13.99
Peach Ice Elf Bar 600 Puff Disposable Vape
3 for £13.99
Elf Bar 600 Mango
3 for £13.99
Lychee Ice Elf Bar 600 Puff Disposable Vape
3 for £13.99
Lemon Tart Elf Bar 600 Puff Disposable Vape
3 for £13.99
Elf Bar 600 Grape
3 for £13.99
Energy Ice Elf Bar 600 Puff Disposable Vape
3 for £13.99
Cola Elf Bar 600 Puff Disposable Vape
3 for £13.99
Elf Bar 600 Blueberry
3 for £13.99
Elf Bar 600 Banana Ice
3 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Blueberry Cherry
3 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Rainbow
3 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Fizzy Cherry
3 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Blue Fusion
3 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Cherry Ice Vape
3 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Blueberry Raspberries Vape
3 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Lemon & Lime Vape
3 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Strawberry Burst Vape
3 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Cola Ice Vape
3 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Pink Lemonade Vape
3 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Menthol Vape
3 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Strawberry Banana Vape
3 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Blue Razz Lemonade Vape
3 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Banana Ice Vape
3 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Watermelon Ice Vape
3 for £13.99
Crystal Bar Apple Peach Vape
3 for £13.99
Lost Mary Disposable Vape Omg No Nicotine
3 for £13.99
SKE Crystal Bars
3 for £13.99
SKE Crystal Bars
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Throw Away Vape FAQs

Disposable vapes are straightforward, easy-to-use devices perfect for everyday vapers. 

They are pre-filled and pre-charged with a selection of delicious E-Liquids. If you’re indecisive, you may have trouble choosing from the infinite flavour selection on the market.

With everything from bubblegum to blueberry, pink lemonade to menthol, we guarantee you’ll find something that piques your interest. As the name suggests, disposable vapes are a single-use, non-rechargeable product. Once its E-Liquid has depleted, you’ll have to purchase a new one. 

While this may be sad, it eliminates the fuss of replacing parts of your vape. In some reusable vape pods, the user must fiddle with different mechanisms to get their device up and running again. 

This may be fun for some, but you’re too busy for that! Disposable vapes offer a convenient alternative for busy bees looking for a quick fix. No set-up, no maintenance. Simply inhale and you’re on your way.

Public Health England (PHE) has stated that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco. This is great news! But why? Well, vaping devices do not produce carbon monoxide or tar, two of the most harmful ingredients in cigarettes. 

Vaping E-Liquids typically contain water, flavouring, propylene glycol (a colourless liquid), nicotine and vegetable glycerine (a colourless liquid made from vegetable fats).

There are no scientific studies that suggest inhaling any of these substances, apart from nicotine, produces any harmful effects. Although there are chemicals in the E-Liquid vapour that you exhale, there is also no research that suggests these chemicals are harmful to anyone else in your vicinity.

When purchased from a creditable UK retailer, such as Juicemate, any disposable vape you purchase must satisfy the standards set by two regulatory bodies, The European Tobacco Products Directive (TPE) and the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

You can rest assured that all the ingredients of our disposable vapes have been approved by both the TPE and MHRA. Avoid counterfeit products and shop with a reputable supplier like Juicemate.

With so many flavours and brands to choose from, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed. You could be thinking, where do I even begin? Fear not, Juicemate is here with our guiding hand. 

We will recommend our top 3 disposable vapes available for purchase on the Juicemate online store. Now, in no particular order… 

Innokin Ifrit Bar Disposable vape kit

At number one is the Innokin Ifrit Bar Disposable vape kit. This disposable has many innovative features that live up to the reliable, easy-to-use reputation Innokin has crafted for itself.

Coming in a range of sharp flavours like Sour Apple, Blackcurrant Menthol and Energy Ice, the Innokin Ifrit Bar is equipped with a rubber coating for improved grip and comes pre-filled with 2ml of smooth nic salt fruit flavours.

Available for just £3.00 on Juicemate, you can get your hands on the Innokin Ifrit Bar whether you’re a beginner dipping your toe into vaping or an established vaper who loves a bargain.

Pod Salt GO 20mg Disposable Vape Pod

Pod Salt GO is an award-winning disposable vape company that is legendary for its sleek, compact design and long-lasting battery life. With the Pod Salt GO 20mg disposable vape, you can get 600 puffs for just £5.99 at Juicemate.

If you want to drift on the Watermelon Breeze, brighten your breath with Fresh Mint or stay cool with Mango Ice, choose Pod Salt GO for its quality flavours.

Elux Legend 3500 Puffs Disposable Vape

The Elux Legend 3500 puff disposable vape is perfect for all vape enthusiasts with its chunkier build, bright colours and innovative flavours. 

Its 1500 mAh battery life is an impressive feat for a disposable vape and guarantees a longer shelf life than others on the market. 

Here at Juicemate, we offer Elux Legends in four equally enticing flavours: Peach Blueberry Candy, Fresh Mint, Cotton Candy, Blueberry Raspberry and Clear.

The answer to this question depends on 3 crucial factors: the vape battery, how and where you store your vape and the length of the draws you take. Let’s go through them…

First, is the vape’s battery. Disposable vapes can come with batteries ranging anywhere from 280mAh to 850mAh! These batteries provide the user with anywhere from 300-600 puffs before the pre-charged battery runs out. 

A lot of people believe that the battery life is the single most important part of a disposable vape when concerned with longevity. But they would be wrong! 

Although it is the most crucial of our three main factors, how much E-Liquid the vape is pre-filled with is also very important. Oftentimes, the vape liquid will run out before the battery does.

This is because of regulations set out by the MHRA: disposable vapes sold in the UK must contain no more than 2ml of liquid. Therefore, it’s highly likely that the lifespan of your disposable will depend on the length of your draws and the quality of your battery life. 

Next, is storage. The conditions in which you store your vape might deplete its longevity. For example, disposable vapes stored in cold conditions will take longer to start and eat up more of the device’s power. Keeping your vape at room temperature will prevent this and maintain its battery life as a result.

Last, you must consider the length of your draws. If you’re someone who prefers mouth-to-lung vaping, where you inhale your E-liquid vapours as you would a cigarette, this will mean using shorter draws and, therefore, less of the vape juice.

However, if you prefer direct-to-lung vaping, where the vapour is immediately inhaled into the lungs, this will use up considerably more of the E-Liquid and drain your battery quicker. As you can see, estimating how long your disposable vape will last is no easy task!

Many vaping journeys begin the same way: a former smoker is desperate to quit cigarettes and has exhausted every other option. 

Nicotine patches and chewing gum are no longer cutting it and do not provide a nicotine hit strong enough to curb the effects of withdrawal. Then, they turn to vapes! 

Many of these people use disposable vapes as their initial venture into vaping, turning to more expert kits later. But some people stick with disposables because they prefer the taste compared to other, more sophisticated E-Cigarettes on the market. 

Truthfully, whether you believe disposable vapes taste better than E-Liquids is a matter of personal preference. However, there may be some factors that contribute to this opinion. First, is that the cotton wicks inside disposable vapes are much more saturated. 

What this means, is that the wicks have had extra time to soak up all that delicious E-Liquid while sitting in storage waiting to be sold. Pre-soaked wicks are less likely to create a burning taste in the mouth and will deliver your flavour of choice much easier. 

Another reason could be that most disposable vapes use nicotine salt E-Liquids. These provide a smoother taste and are easier on your throat because of their lower pH level. Disposable vapes reduce the intensity of the nicotine hit on your throat without compromising on flavour.

Disposable vapes may taste better than other cigarettes. To find this out for yourself, you will have to try one out!          

Yes! All disposable vapes have an expiry date located on the packaging. The two parts of the vape that expire are the lithium-ion batteries and the pre-filled E-Liquid inside. 

While they are the two most important components for a smooth and satisfying vape, they also decay quickest. It’s all well and good conserving your puffs for a rainy day but wait too long and you may have a disappointing experience. 

If you leave your vape lying around for a while, this will bring its expiration date forward. Batteries decay over time, as do E-Liquids. Leave it too late and both your battery and E-Liquid will expire.

Juicemate is here to tell you the warning signs your vape is on its last legs. Let’s begin: 

No Smell 

Once you exhale after taking a draw on a disposable vape, you will usually smell the delicious vapour around you. However, if you smell nothing or it has changed significantly, this is a sign your E-Liquid has expired. 

Bad Aftertaste

Can you taste burning? Are you experiencing an unpleasant aftertaste after taking a draw on your vape? This is also a surefire sign that there is a problem with your battery or E-Liquid. At this point, it is best to part ways with your vape and purchase a new one.

Reduced Nicotine Strength

If you’re someone who relies on vapes for a nicotine hit, you will be able to tell once the E-Liquid strength deteriorates. Once it has depleted to unnoticeable levels, you will have to head to the vape store.