Best Tobacco E-Liquids

7 Best Tobacco E-Liquids in the UK

Quitting smoking can be a difficult and commendable journey, and sometimes only the best tobacco e-liquids will do when beginning a new vaping journey.

Cravings for the taste and feel of tobacco can be hard to resist, but there is a way to make it easier to not give in. There are many different realistic tobacco liquids available to buy in the UK. These flavoured e-liquids will give you the same smokey, traditional and rich taste of tobacco along with the satisfying hit to your throat, but without having to consume the same harmful chemicals that are in cigarettes. In this post, we will look at some of the most realistic tobacco e-liquids in the UK.

1. Golden Virginia E-Liquid

Golden Virginia e-liquid is a very popular choice for vapers who are trying to quit smoking or miss the taste of tobacco. This vape juice tastes exactly like the traditional roll-your-own cigarette tobacco. It is a mix of 70% PG and 30% VG, making it a high PG e-liquid. This means that you will be able to create impressive vape clouds by opting for this juice. It comes in a range of nicotine strengths, starting with 0 mg and going up to 18 mg. This will provide you with the same great taste and satisfying nicotine hit as a cigarette. 

2. Marlboro E-Liquid

If you enjoyed smoking Marlboro cigarettes as a smoker, then this is an excellent alternative, which will provide you with a realistic and smoky taste and gratifying throat hit. This vape juice is high in PG, making it an efficient and tasty e-liquid. You can enjoy this vape in different nicotine strengths, including a nicotine-free option. This is one of the most popular options of tobacco e-liquids in the UK for tobacco lovers. 

3. Lambert & Butler E-Liquid

Lambert & Butler e-liquid is a fantastic, realistic and tasty tobacco vape juice. It provides the same traditional taste as the vintage cigarette, as well as a strong hit to your throat. It gives you the same taste and feeling as smoking but without having to consume harmful chemicals and experience health hazards. This will help you on your non-smoking journey, especially as it can be bought in a high nicotine strength of up to 18 mg. 

4. B&H E-Liquid

B&H or Gold & Silver tobacco e-liquid is a rich and realistic tasting vape juice that will make your taste buds explode with how it tastes. It is almost a replica of the original cigarettes. So if you are trying to quit but your cravings are kicking in, this is a fantastic option for you. This is brought to you by one of the best e-liquid companies in the UK - Hangsen. So enjoy this high in PG vape juice to experience the smokey instant taste and grassy and subtly sweet after taste of a B&H cigarette. 

5. RY4 E-Liquid

RY4 e-liquid is a unique and realistic tobacco vape juice that is available to buy in the UK. It provides an instant smokey and rich taste when you inhale, a satisfying throat hit and a faint taste of caramel. The flavour will linger in your mouth for long after. This is ideal for vapers who are trying to quit smoking, as it provides a great taste and impressive vape clouds as it is high in PG (70%). You can purchase this e-liquid in a range of strengths, including a nicotine-free option (0 mg) and a high nicotine option (18 mg). 

6. RY6 E-Liquid

If you are looking for a realistic tobacco e-liquid with a sweet twist, then RY6 vape juice is the best choice for you. It has a strong smokey tobacco flavour, which will satisfy your cigarette cravings. The aftertaste is a mix of vanilla and caramel, which will make you look forward to every hit of your vape that you take. Enjoy a variety of nicotine strengths, which will help you cut down or quit smoking altogether.  

7. Cream Tobacco ElfLiq E-Liquid

Cream Tobacco by ElfLiq is a must-try for all tobacco lovers. It will hit the spot and fulfil your nicotine cravings. Enjoy the traditional taste of roll-your-own cigarettes. This vape juice is smooth and simple, and it is perfect for any time of the day. This is very similar to Golden Virginia e-liquid, but will go down your throat more smoothly. This is one of the most realistic tobacco e-liquids on the market in the UK. 

Adding Concentrates For Extra Flavour…

If you want to add something extra or find a unique flavour, then e-liquid concentrates are a fantastic option for you. Concentrates can be added to any tobacco e-liquid to give a tasty twist to it. Some popular concentrates to add to tobacco flavours are menthol if you enjoy a fresh after taste and cherry if you want a sweet taste lingering in your mouth afterwards. Get as experimental as you want with these extra boosts of flavour, the fun you can have will make quitting smoking much easier!  

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