High VG E-Liquids

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Are you looking for an e-liquid that tastes delicious and will leave you feeling satisfied after vaping? Then check out our range of high VG vape juices. VG stands for Vegetable Glycerol, and it is a clear and thick liquid that has a subtly sweet aftertaste to it. If you decide to use a high VG e-liquid, you will notice that the flavour is much more amplified and sweeter than 50/50 mixes, and it will feel like a treat to breathe in! The vapour that high VG vape juices create is silky smooth, so your throat will take a satisfying hit. You will also notice that the vape clouds that you create are huge and bold. 

We have a delicious range of high VG vape juices available for you to buy today. We only supply the best quality juices on the market, so that our customers have a great vaping experience. Enjoy flavours like Berry Nice, Sweet Tooth and Purple Storm for a sweet and satisfying vaping experience. 

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