Heisenberg E-Liquid

Heisenberg vape juice combines a perfect tongue-drizzling blend of luscious fruits with epic undertones of aniseed and menthol for an unrivalled throat hit and aftertaste that will keep you coming back for more and more. Heisenberg is the best-selling e-liquid in the world for a reason – time to find out why if you haven’t already!

    • Brand: Hangsen
    • 30% VG / 70% PG, 50% VG / 50% PG
    • Bottle Size: 10ml
    • UK Stock
    • TPD Compliant
    • Diacetyl Free
    • Available in 0mg
    • 3mg
    • 6mg
    • 12mg
    • 18mg

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    Size Guide
    UK EU US Size Bust Waist Hips
    6 34 2 XS 31 23.75 33.75
    8 36 4 S 32 24.75 34.75
    10 38 6 M 34 26.75 36.75
    12 40 8 L 36 28.75 38.75
    14 42 10 XL 38 30.75 40.75

    Product Details

    The original Heisenberg Vape Juice was the brainchild of Vampire Vape: one of the most recognised E-Liquid brands in the world. Established in 2013, Vampire Vape had its humble beginnings under the name ‘Flavour Warehouse’. 

    Despite later changing their title, Vampire Vape delivered their promise of flavour in 2014 by creating the Heisenberg Vape Juice formula. 

    Named after the pseudonym of chemistry teacher-turned-King Pin, Walter White, Heisenberg debuted at VapeFest and soon won numerous awards for best High PG E-Liquid of the year. 

    The success of the Heisenberg E-Liquid became apparent to other manufacturers and quickly made it one of the market’s most emulated flavours. Try as they may, no mixologists have yet to live up to the glory of the Heisenberg E-Liquid. 

    While they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the craze for Heisenberg Vape Juice has caused multiple legal battles for Vampire Vape. For years, they have pursued lawsuits against companies marketing their own products in an almost identical manner. 

    Despite these legal roadblocks, Vampire Vape’s Heisenberg Vape Juice has yet to be dethroned from its position as the most popular E-Liquid in the vaping industry. 

    What flavours do Heisenberg Vape Juice offer? 

    You might be asking: what’s the big deal? What makes Heisenberg Vape Juice so successful? Heisenberg Vape Juice expertly combines two of the most popular E-Liquid flavours, marrying them in perfect harmony.

    On your initial hit of Heisenberg, you will taste the exquisite flavours of mixed berries. Juicy, sweet and slightly tart, there is no flavour more refreshing to tantalise your taste buds. But wait, it’s not over yet. 

    Once you exhale, be prepared for a cold hit of ice. Chilled in your throat, this blast of menthol will take you by surprise with its revitalising second round of flavour. 

    Heisenberg manages to do what no other E-Liquid can: combine the best of both worlds in one balanced, refined E-Liquid. If berries aren’t to your liking, Vampire Vape has created four other limited-edition Heisenberg flavours for you to enjoy: 

    • Heisenberg Cola: Who knew that the effervescent flavour of cola would combine so well with a cool menthol aftertaste? We did! 

    • Heisenberg Orange: This E-Liquid combines the delectable citrus stylings of orange with the cold blast of menthol. 

    • Heisenberg Gum: If you like chewing gum, this one's for you. Revel in the bubble gum delight that comes with this soothing, icy E-Liquid. 

    • Heisenberg Grape: It’s time for you to experience the tart sweetness that comes with Grape Heisenberg vape juice. 

    How can I best enjoy Heisenberg Vape Juice? 

    There are four ways you can get your daily fix of Heisenberg: in the form of Nic Salts, a 50/50 PG/VE or 70/30 PG/VE E-Liquid. If you want a disposable hit of Heisenberg, you must search for their collaboration with Geek Bar. 

    You can use 50/50 PG/VE E-Liquids in all manners of vape pens. This equal mixture of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine is responsible for the satisfying throat hit you feel while vaping. Team this with the delectable Heisenberg Berry Ice vapour, and you’ve got yourself a winner! 

    70/30 Heisenberg E-Liquids provide an even stronger throat hit and are just as versatile. But Nic Salts are for those who want the harshest throat hit possible. This option would be great for former smokers-turned-vapers looking to relive their tobacco-smoking days.

    If you’re not looking for anything long-term and feel unsure about your place in the vaping world, look no further than the Geek Bar Vampire Vape collaboration. This was one of the UK’s first collaborations between a vape and E-Liquid company, making the Geek Bar Heisenberg disposable vape the only one of its kind. 

    What devices are compatible with Heisenberg Vape Juice? 

    What device you use your Heisenberg Vape Juice with depends on the E-Liquids PG/VE ratio. For example, if you purchased the standard 50/50 PG/VE Heisenberg, this will be compatible with most vape pens that have coils with less than 1.0ohms resistance.

    Similarly, Nic Salts do not require any specialised vaping device. To burn your Heisenberg nic salts, you need a vape mod capable of vaporising standard E-Liquids.

    Heisenberg FAQs

    Heisenberg Vape Juice is not just an E-Liquid: it’s an experience. Created by Vampire Vape in 2014, the Heisenberg E-Liquid took two of the industry’s most beloved flavours and married them in a cloud of delicious smoke. 

    In the eight years since its debut, Heisenberg is still widely acknowledged as one of the market's most beloved flavours. Its timeless refinement has led vapers to keep coming back for more for almost a decade. 

    If you still haven’t experienced the joy of inhaling the mouth-watering PG/VG Heisenberg E-Liquid, it’s never too late to try. 

    Discovering the flavour of Heisenberg E-Liquid is a transformative experience. A mixture of berries will greet you on your initial inhale with sweetness and a tart aftertaste. Once you think it’s all over, you may expect a similar, warming sensation on the exhale. 

    However, the next blast of ice will take you by surprise. Your mouth and tongue will grow frosty with delight as you breathe out your Heisenberg E-Liquid. A freshness unlike any other will envelop your senses and leave you eternally satisfied (until you take your next draw, that is!) 

    Although competing retailers have tried, the duality of Heisenberg’s menthol and berry flavours has yet to be replicated by other mixologists. The two tastes do not battle for dominance but co-exist peacefully: this is why the Heisenberg Vape Juice is perpetually loved. 

    The Heisenberg E-Liquid takes its name from the smash-hit TV show Breaking Bad. First aired in 2008, the story follows chemistry teacher-turned Kingpin Walter White on his journey to creating the most successful meth business in America. 

    On what appears to be an average day, Walter White discovers he has terminal lung cancer. With a mountain of debt and a baby on the way, Walt decides to go out with a bang. He begins manufacturing and selling methamphetamine to provide for his family beyond the grave. 

    To protect his identity, Walt takes the name ‘Heisenberg’ in honour of scientist Werner Heisenberg. The show concluded in 2013, and just one year later, The Heisenberg E-Liquid carried on the character’s legacy. 

    The vape device you use depends on the mixture you purchase. For example, 50/50 mixes between Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine are suitable for high-voltage systems with over 80 watts. 

    Any higher, and you risk burning the PG in your vape. Propylene Glycol carries the flavour of your vape, and using a high-wattage vape can cause a burning taste. 

    If you choose the 70/30 PG/VG mix, an average starter kit, like the Innokin T18E Vape Starter Kit sold on Juicemate, can handle a high-PG ratio very well. 

    We offer a 50/50 or 70/30 PG/VG mixture of Heisenberg E-Liquid. A 50/50 PG/VG mix is popular with both experts and beginners due to its expert combination of cloud vapour and flavour production. 

    A 50/50 Heisenberg vape juice will give you a satisfying throat hit without overpowering the delicious flavours of berries and menthol. 

    If you are a former smoker looking to replace tobacco with an even more intense throat hit, a 70/30 PG dominant mixture will give you what you need. 

    At Juicemate, we offer the Heisenberg E-Liquid at five different nicotine strengths. First, the 0mg nicotine strength is ideal for those who vape only to appreciate the skill and creativity of the market’s mixologists. 

    Then the super-low 3mg and low 6mg are perfect for those gradually reducing their nicotine consumption. The medium is 12mg, and the high is 18mg, meaning you don’t have to reduce your consumption immediately. 

    Or, if you don’t plan on lowering your nicotine intake, all you have to do is find your perfect strength and start vaping! 

    Hangsen Atom has created their recipe of Hangsenberg E-Liquid, incorporating the mild and spicy flavourings of aniseed with menthol and berries. The Hangsenberg E-Liquid comes in five different nicotine strengths, ranging 0mg-18mg, and two different mixtures: 50/50 and 70/30 PG/VG. 

    Their take on the Heisenberg flavour is a worthy adversary to the Vampire Vape collection, meaning you can test both aromatic E-Liquids and decide which you prefer. 

    At Juicemate, we offer free delivery on orders over £14.99. All orders placed before 2 pm Monday to Friday are shipped the same day via Royal Mail second class. Expect your package to arrive within 1-3 business days! 

    With our E-Liquid saver deal, you can get free delivery and money off your purchases by selecting five Hangsen Atom E-Liquids for £14.99 or 10 for £24.99.

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