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Shop our vape juices for sale, with a variety of e-liquids available in a multitude of exciting flavours, strengths and sizes - you really are spoilt for choice at Juicemate! Just some of the great vape juice brands we stock at Juicemate include Hangsen, renowned for their quality, taste and affordability, as well as more premium e-liquid suppliers such as Vapemate who are well respected in the UK, and ElfLiq who recently introduced their exciting new nic salt e-liquids range to the market.

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Vape Juice FAQs

E-liquid is what is used inside of a vape or e-cigarette. Other names that it has are vape juice, vape liquids or e-juice. E-liquid is a mixture of nicotine and flavouring (e.g. strawberry or menthol). Once it is poured inside of the vape, the battery of the vape heats the liquid between  90°C and 200°C, which will depend on the vape that you use. The heat will determine the smoothness of the vapour when it has been transformed. There are hundreds of different e-liquid flavours available on our website as well as different nicotine strengths. 

E-liquid is a mixture of flavouring, nicotine and propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG) or a combination of both. Synthetic flavourings are added to the mixture to give it a delicious taste whilst you are vaping. We have hundreds of flavours available such as cherry, coffee, menthol and traditional tobacco flavours. There are various levels of nicotine that you can purchase e-liquids, ranging from 0mg to 18mg. 

PG is a thin and tasteless ingredient used in vapes. PG is used in e-liquid as it absorbs heat and allows your vape to work at a faster pace. VG is thicker than PG, which allows you to create vape clouds. It is used as it has a subtle sweet taste and makes the vapour smooth. In most of our liquids, we have a combination of both PG and VG in order to create the best possible vaping experience for our customers.

There has been no evidence of e-liquids being unsafe to yourself or the people around you. It does not contain the same harmful chemicals that cigarettes do. It is particularly worth noting that it does not contain tar or carbon monoxide, which are the two most harmful chemicals in cigarettes with the worst side effects. Additionally, e-liquids have strict guidelines to follow in the UK to ensure that they are safe to use. All of the products we sell strictly follow those guidelines. 

We have an extensive range of brands that we stock, here are some examples of top vape juice brands: 

Hangsen is an unbeatable brand in the e-liquid industry and a favourite of vapers across the UK. They offer traditional tobacco flavours like Marlboro and Lambert and Butler, as well as exciting flavours like coffee and vanilla. The quality of this brand is unmatched! 

Jacks is a leading e-liquid supplier in the UK that every vaper must try out. They offer a selection of interesting flavours such as cherry menthol and candy floss. Their e-liquids come in a variety of nicotine strengths, starting with nicotine-free products and going up to 18mg. 

CBD Asylum is a top e-liquid brand that specialises in vape liquids that have CBD in the mixture. Taking a hit of your vape using this liquid will help you reap the benefits of CBD, such as a reduction in stress and anxiety levels and an increase in focus and concentration ability. They offer a range of delicious flavours such as mango and berry. This is a must-try brand! 

There are so many different e-juice flavours that you can choose from and enjoy! One of the best and most fun things about vaping is experimenting with different flavours to find your favourites, and to try flavours that you might not have been your first choice. We highly recommend traditional tobacco flavours such as Golden Virginia, Marlboro, Lambert and Butler, Benson and Hedges, as well as menthol, spearmint and flavourless. If you are looking for something with a fruity twist then cherry, mango and fruit mix are excellent options. We also have some unusual flavours to test out like coffee and vanilla. 

We offer e-liquids in strengths ranging from 0mg to 18mg. We suggest that if you are a heavy smoker (18+ cigarettes per day) then 18mg is the right amount for you. If you are a moderate smoker (10-15) then 12mg should suit you. If you are a light smoker then 6mg is your best option. We also offer nicotine-free vapes if you are a non-smoker or you have cut your nicotine levels right down but still need a hit! 

We are a fast-growing UK-based online vape shop and we pride ourselves on only selling the top vaping products such as vape liquids and hardware to our customers. We sell our products at an affordable price to help you save money, and by switching to vaping rather than smoking cigarettes you can save hundreds of pounds per year. Our prices are fair, and we will never rip you off. 

At Juicemate, we put our customers at the heart of the business. So rest assured that you will be receiving the best quality products at the lowest possible price. We are always on hand to help you out with any questions or queries you may have about vaping or about particular products. We will always get back to you as quickly as possible.

We are a UK based company, so we can have your order to you within days! We offer free delivery for orders over £20, and we will have your liquids to you within just 1 to 3 business days. If you spend less than £20 we charge only £1.50. All of our orders are shipped through Royal Mail. 

Additionally, we are a family-run business, which we are extremely proud of. We align our values with high standards and ethical practices.