5 Reasons Why People Vape

5 Reasons Why People Vape

Vaping has become a popular habit over the last few years, and its popularity is only growing. More and more people are turning to vaping instead of smoking cigarettes, as it is a healthier and more fun alternative. As the health implications of smoking are becoming more mainstream, smokers are wanting to kick the habit. Vaping offers an easier way out than going ‘cold turkey’. However, people vape for other reasons besides it being an alternative to smoking, find out more about why people vape below… 

Why Do People Vape?

Healthier Alternative to Smoking 

Vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking. Smoking cigarettes is very bad for your health, and the NHS has published the following facts

  • 78,000 people in the UK die from smoking every year. 
  • Smoking increases your risk of developing more than 50 serious health conditions.
  • 70% of lung cancer cases are a result of smoking.
  • Smoking increases your chances of cancer to the mouth, throat, voice box (larynx), Oesophagus, bladder, bowel, cervix, kidney, liver, stomach and pancreas. 
  • Reduce fertility in men and women. 

Public Health England has conducted and published research about the effects of smoking and vaping. They have stated that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking, and there is little to no risk involved in it compared to smoking. 

Smoking is not just harmful to the person who is smoking, but also to those around them, particularly children. Passive smoking can be as harmful as first-hand smoking, and it can lead to developing terminal illnesses. Research has suggested that there are no health risks to second-hand vaping. So it is much healthier for those around you. 

Do not risk your health, or the health of those around you anymore. Make the switch to vaping today. If you think you will miss the smokey and traditional taste of smoking, check out our list of the ‘7 most realistic tobacco e-liquids in the UK’ to make the change smoother. 

Vaping Saves you Money 

Vaping can help you save money! Numerous studies have suggested that smokers that switch over to vaping can save around £350 per year, and even more if you are a heavy smoker. This extra money in your pocket could seriously improve your life. That money could pay for a weekend city break, new clothes or shoes, days out with friends or a new watch… 

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Vaping is a Fun Hobby 

Vaping is a fun hobby! There are hundreds of different e-liquid flavours available for you to try out, and you can even mix vape juices together to find your own unique flavour. Some popular combinations include: 

The possibilities are endless! Another element of vaping you can experiment with is the PG and VG levels, both have different effects. Find your favourite by trying out different balances. 

Check out our guide to the best e-liquid brands in the UK, to help you find your next favourite vape juice. 

You can also try out different vaping tricks to impress your friends. Check out YouTube for some brilliant tutorials. Attempt The Dragon, The Waterfall or the French Inhale.   

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Easy Way to Relax

We all know how stressful life can be. Whether that is through work, home life, technology or a million other things. We all need our own way to destress and deal with life. Vaping is one way that you can relax. 

Even if you are not a smoker, then vaping can be a fun and easy way to detox from the world. There are many nicotine-free e-liquids for you to try out and enjoy. Learning a new trick or taking some time alone to vape can help you through a tough week! 

The Social Aspect 

There are many social benefits to vaping. Firstly, it is a fun hobby you can bond with other people over. There are even many vaping conventions throughout the year, where you can go and socialise with other vapers and try out new products! 

Also, the smell of vapour is not as strong as in cigarettes. The smell of cigarettes is unpleasant to many people, and if you are in a social situation this may make you and others feel uncomfortable. The smell of vapour is non-sticking and often fades quickly. The smell is usually much more pleasant than the smell of cigarettes, especially if you opt for fruit or dessert flavours.

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