How to Make your Vape Battery Last Longer

How to Make your Vape Battery Last Longer

If you are looking for quick, easy and convenient ways to make your vape battery last longer, then look no further than our guide. Replacing a battery regularly can be a massive inconvenience and expense to you. Read on to find out our top tips below on how to maximise the lifetime of your battery… 

How long should a vape battery last?

Depending on the type of battery you have and how frequently you vape will determine the lifetime of your battery. However, the average lifespan of a battery is between 6 to 12 months. Battery's lifetimes are measured in cycles, which is how many times a battery can be fully charged before it stops working. Usually, vape batteries have around 200 to 500 cycles. 

Tips for extending battery life

Here are some top tips on how to extend your vape’s battery life. 

Choose a great battery 

There are many great, and not so great batteries on the market. You should choose a battery that suits your needs and has a decent lifespan. We have an excellent selection of durable, high-quality and effective batteries available to purchase at Juicemate. 

Use high strength vape juice 

At Juicemate, we have different vape juice strengths available to purchase, including high-strength options. High strength nicotine is usually considered 18 mg.  

Turn vape off when not in use 

This may sound simple, but it can be very effective, you should turn your vape off when it is not in use as it can drain the battery. So you can save the charge for when you need it, and make the battery last longer. 

Avoid overcharging your vape 

Always avoid overcharging your vape. You should allow it to get to 100% and then unplug it. Never charge your battery overnight, as it could spend hours overcharging. Overcharging reduces the lifespan of the battery, and can reduce its ability to hold a charge. Also, you should never allow your battery to completely run out. Even when it is not in use, you should always ensure that it is charged, as it can stop the battery from working. 

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Store battery in a cool and dry place

You should never put your battery in direct sunlight or a warm spot, likewise, you should avoid putting it in freezing cold spaces. This can reduce the lifespan, and it can hinder its ability to charge. Also, you should keep e-liquids in a cool and dry place. Read more about how to store e-liquids here

Clean battery 

Batteries can get extremely dirty without you even realising it. They can pick up bits of dust, fluff and food or drink when in your pocket or bag. If the battery is dirty, it loses efficiency. You should regularly clean the battery to ensure optimal performance, and to extend its lifetime. 

Alternate between batteries 

If you are a frequent vaper, it could be worth your time (and money) investing in a second battery to alternate between. This will help both batteries last longer, and won’t overwork just one battery. It is also a good idea as you will have a backup if one unexpectedly runs out.

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