How to store your e-liquids

How to store your e-liquids

Tired of finding half-full e-liquids scattered around your home? 

You’re not the only one. Most newbie vapers aren’t interested in the dos and don'ts of vape storage: they want to sample all the tastiest flavours as quickly as possible. But over time, you’ll start finding half-filled bottles in the strangest places. 

Whether down the side of your couch or tucked away in your coat pocket, improper e-liquid storage is a one-way ticket to flavour depreciation. If you want to get your money’s worth, knowing how to store your e-liquids is important. 

Today, we’ll tell you all the best places to keep your shortfills. Join us as we bust refrigeration myths, provide top safety tips and answer all your most frequently asked questions about e-liquid storage. 

What to avoid when storing e-liquids

When it comes to ruining your e-liquid's longevity, the three main offenders are heat, light and air. 

Too much exposure to these things can gradually affect your e-liquids taste (and not for the better). 

1. Why is heat harmful to e-liquids?

Heat is an e-liquid’s number one enemy. The chemical process of heating creates ‘energy’, which will be spent breaking down the ingredients of your e-liquid into entirely different compounds. 

Vegetable glycerine, for example, has a boiling point of 212°: heating it above this point will alter the consistency and taste, leaving a soured vape juice you never had the chance to enjoy.

Don’t leave your e-liquid on a bright windowsill or a parked car’s dashboard: store it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. 

2. Why is light harmful to e-liquids? 

Similar to heat, increased exposure to sunlight can break down your e-liquid's chemical components (even at the molecular level!). 

UV rays will split the ingredients and spoil the flavours. To avoid this, keep your e-liquids in a dark cupboard or storage box and come back to them when you need a top-up. 

3. Why is air damaging to e-liquids? 

Last but not least is the damage air can have on your e-liquids. While this may be surprising, the oxidisation process breaks down the strength of your nicotine and reduces its strength.

This could be particularly troublesome for smokers using their vapes to replace traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products.

So, to prevent air from reacting with your nicotine, ensure the lid is on tight before storage. Twist the cap as far as you can without damaging it, and remember to put all the lids on your juices once you’re finished re-filling. 

Where is the best place to store e-liquid?

The best place to store your e-liquid is somewhere cool, dark, and dry, well away from sunlight and heat. 

But where are these magical places? 

1. What is the best for short-term e-liquid storage?

If you’ll use your e-liquids within one to two months, follow our short-term e-liquid storage tips to keep your vape juice tasting delicious. 

  • Remember the three main culprits of e-liquid death: air, heat and light. Even if you plan to use these e-liquids soon, keep them in a dark, cool place away from heat sources and bright light. 
  • Do you have a cellar or basement? Pick a corner and dedicate it to your e-liquids: they’re sure to stay cool and flavoursome. 
  • Grab a Tupperware container or plastic box tall enough for your e-liquids and line them up. Then, close your airtight container and store it in a dark area. 
  • Check your kitchen cupboards: if there’s one that’s empty or could be rearranged to make space, this would be the perfect place for your e-liquids. One out of reach at the top of your cabinet is best for homes with children and pets.

2. What is the best for long-term e-liquid storage? 

In an emergency, it’s always good to have your favourite vape juice to hand. You’ll need to take extra measures if you want your e-liquid to stay in tip-top shape after spending 6 months to a year in storage. 

  • Transfer your vape juice to a glass bottle: while plastic containers are fine for short-term storage, they’re unsuitable for long periods and will deteriorate in quality over time. Glass bottles with an airtight seal will be much more reliable. 
  • Tinted bottles are an excellent solution if you want to steer clear of heat and light. They’re readily available from various suppliers and are cheap, long-lasting, and reusable. 

How to keep e-liquid away from children

Knowing how to store your e-liquids is about more than just quality preservation. The legal age for purchasing and consuming vape-related products is 18, meaning keeping them out of the reach of children and pets is essential. 

1. Out of sight:

What children can’t see, they don’t know about! Keep your vape juices out of sight so they’re not tempted to explore.

2. Out of reach:

Kids are naturally curious and may root through your cupboards, looking for excitement. That’s why installing childproof locks and storing your e-liquids on high-shelving is the safest storage method. 

3. Dispose safely:

Once you’ve finished your e-liquid, don’t dispose of it in low, easily accessible bins. Put all your bottles in one secure storage bag and place them directly in your outdoor wheelie bin. 

Can you store e-liquid in the fridge? 

Technically yes, you can store e-liquid in the fridge. However, it may not be the best idea. Most standard e-liquids contain two central ingredients: propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG). 

The two chemicals have different freezing points, which can split the e-liquid and cause the same depreciation as heat, light and air. For optimum flavour, they need to be stored at a consistent temperature, and this isn’t possible when condensation is another concern. 

When you remove e-liquid from the fridge and expose it to warmer air, condensation may occur inside the bottle and dilute the vape juice. You could manage this by allowing the e-liquid to reach room temperature before using it, but the flavour may still be affected. 

How long can you store e-liquid? 

Generally, e-liquids can last anywhere from 1 to 2 years. But shelf life also depends on storage conditions, the quality of your flavouring, and the presence of nicotine. 

PG and VG, the two main components of e-liquids, are food-grade compounds with relatively long shelf lives. Flavourings, however, gradually degrade and can cause a change in aroma and taste. 

Over time, you can perform sensory tests to check for colour, flavour, and consistency changes. If the e-liquid looks significantly different, tastes off, or has a strange consistency, it's best to discard it.

How long can you keep vape juice once opened?

As a general guideline, if stored properly, nicotine-containing vape juice can typically be stored for 1 to 2 years after opening.

But you should always keep an eye out for changes in colour, consistency and smell. 

Choose Juicemate for high-quality e-liquids

Knowing how to store your e-liquids makes you a seasoned vaper: it’s true!

Being responsible for your e-liquid will keep you organised and prevent unnecessary waste. Keep them all in one place, away from sunlight, heat and exposure to air, and you’ll avoid the hassle of finding half-filled bottles. 

By following our top tips, you can get the most out of your Juicemate e-liquids. If you’re stocking up for long-term use, we offer e-liquid multi-buy deals with vape juices from all your favourite brands.

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