Can you Vape at Festivals?

Can you Vape at Festivals?

Yes, you can vape at festivals, but typically only in open spaces. 

The rules around smoking cigarettes at festivals have been clear for years. But what with the vaping boom, more and more festival-goers have been wondering: where is it safe for me to smoke my vape?

Join Juicemate as we take you on a guided tour of festival vaping rules. It’s important to note that different organisers have different rules, so you’ll have to check their terms and conditions to be 100% sure. 

What do the most popular festivals say? 

Smoking and vaping are similar in nature, so you can expect their rules and regulations to align. Let’s examine how some of the UK’s biggest festivals treat vaping. 


Smoking is prohibited in enclosed buildings and public areas in Creamfields, including the big top arenas. 


Smoking traditional cigarettes is not permitted in Glastonbury if you’re in enclosed public areas, like in the festival’s two campsites, Sticklinch and Worthy View. However, with regard to vaping, it’s permissible to smoke but not in enclosed public buildings. 

Reading and Leeds 

According to their terms and conditions, E-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes can be brought into Reading and Leeds’ arenas and campsites. But when it comes to vaping, the rules state that you cannot use your device in enclosed public spaces. 

Isle of Wight 

Attendees of the Isle of Wight festival have previously been instructed to avoid smoking in their tents and at designated non-smoking areas, like the viewing platforms: this includes both cigarettes and vapes. 


E-cigarettes, vapes and traditional cigarettes should not be consumed by festival-goers in enclosed spaces in the Download festival, like arenas. 

What’s clear to see is that the rules around vaping are all the same, aside from a few minor differences. So long as you vape only in open, outdoor spaces, you should be fine! 

But what about cleaning and charging? How do you maximise cleanliness and battery life to enjoy your vape for the entirety of the festival? 

How do I clean my vape at a festival? 

Festivals are renowned for being messy and muddy, especially during the rain! So, how do you keep your vape clean?

Grab a wet wipe or damp paper towel if you notice signs of dust or dirt. Avoid inhaling dirt by keeping your mouthpiece clean, and remember to keep your vape dry. Take a zip-lock or waterproof bag so you won’t be left with a broken device when the rain comes pouring down. 

How do I charge my vape at a festival? 

Some festivals have vape-charging stations where you can charge your e-cig and phone simultaneously. You just need to beat the queues because they will fill up quickly! Before deciding what to take with you, check if the festival you’re heading to has a charging station. 

If not, you’ll need to take some spare batteries with you. Take two spare batteries or a portable charger to avoid wasting time hanging around queues instead of enjoying the acts! 

How much E-Liquid should I take to a festival? 

How much e-liquid you take with you depends on a number of factors: how often will you be vaping? How long are you at the festival? If you’re unsure whether you vape a lot or a little, take extra e-liquid cartridges with you so you don’t go without. 

Some festivals even have e-liquid stalls where you can refill, but buyers beware. You may not like any flavours on offer or find they’re biting into your budget too much. Save yourself money and queuing time by packing several of your favourites into your travel bag. 

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