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Can You Take Disposable Vapes on a Plane?

Vaping is a relatively new pastime. Former smokers-turned-vapers have ditched traditional tobacco products in favour of disposable vapes. Disposable vapes are non-rechargeable, one-use-only products that produce a range of mouth-watering vapours.

While cigarettes are allowed in hand luggage, the rules around vapes are far less known. So, can you take disposable vapes on a plane? Juicemate will tell you where to store them, how many you can take and where you can vape in UK airports. 

We will also tell you what countries have banned disposable vapes (so you know when to leave them behind). Let’s get started! 

What are the vaping regulations for UK airlines?

After the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, you have finally booked yourself a much-needed holiday. You pack your sunglasses and suncream in your suitcase, only to wonder: ‘can I take my vape with me; where do I pack it?’ 

The short answer is: yes, you can take your vape with you on a plane. However, it must be kept in your carry-on luggage or clothes pocket. Under no circumstances can it be stored in your checked luggage. 

This rule applies to international and domestic flights heading out of UK airports. Disposable vapes contain lithium batteries, a fire risk that all airlines will identify. That’s why it is best to keep it on your person the whole time. 

However, just because it is close to you doesn’t mean you can use it. Far from it! Here are a couple of UK-based airlines and their vaping regulations:

  • Jet2: ‘’Equipment with lithium batteries must be stored in the cabin. This includes electric cigarettes, the use of which is not permitted onboard the aircraft."
  • Ryanair: ‘’You may carry electronic cigarettes onboard your flight but are strictly forbidden to use electronic cigarettes or any other type of cigarette on board the aircraft."
  • Virgin Atlantic: "Electronic cigarettes are a device that looks like a cigarette and works by creating a vapour, which contains nicotine. Electronic cigarettes are not permitted to be used onboard our aircraft."

You get the idea: airlines headed out of the UK allow you to keep your vape in your carry-on and clothes pockets, but not in your carry-on luggage. You cannot use them while you’re on the flight because they are considered another form of tobacco product. 

How many disposable vapes can I take with me on a plane?

You may have booked a holiday away for two, three, maybe even four weeks. If you are an experienced vaper with a selection of favourite flavours, you may find it hard to choose which to take on holiday. So why not take them all, right?

Well, the rules are less clear when answering this question. So far, we know it is okay to take single-use vapes in your carry-on; this rule is common across many airlines. However, no specific law dictates how many disposable vapes you can store in your hand luggage. 

Therefore, it is Juicemate’s advice that you consult the regulations of your flight’s airline. Most airlines limit the number of batteries you can carry on a flight, so you should visit your airline’s website guidelines. 

Ryanair, for example, states that you cannot take more than 20 batteries on board the flight. 

There is also the question of E-Liquid: although disposables come with a pre-inserted E-Liquid, it is good to understand all the UK vaping regulations. 

Can I take E-Liquids onboard an aeroplane? 

Yes, but there are restrictions on the amount you can take. Standard UK law states that you can take no more than 100ml in your hand luggage and should not exceed 100ml per bottle, clearly packaged inside one secure, transparent bag.

You cannot exceed your carry-on liquid allowance, meaning you must choose your E-Liquids wisely. Remember not to overpack, as you will have to obey the liquid regulations of the airport you return through. Airports outside the European Union may have different laws, so it is wise to pack only the necessities to avoid leaving any previous E-Liquids behind. 

Where can I vape in UK airports?

So, we know you can carry your vape around in your carry-on and pockets, but where can you actually vape? If security has been a stressful experience, you might need to relieve the tension with a hit of nicotine (or just the vapour if you’re a non-smoker!)

In this case, you need to check if and where the airport you are in allows passengers to vape their stress away. Lucky for you, we have listed the vaping regulations of eight main UK airports and where you are allowed to get your disposable vaping fix:

  • Liverpool John Lennon Airport: ‘’E-cigarettes and vape devices can only be used in outdoor smoking areas.’’
  • London Gatwick: ‘’Vaping is only permitted outside the terminal buildings in the designated smoking zones.’’
  • Manchester Airport: ‘’You can vape in the smoking areas available outside all three terminal buildings before check-in and after arrival.’’
  • Bristol Airport: ‘’You can vape in the designated smoking areas, which can be found by the arrivals exit, through the bar on the mezzanine floor and by Starbucks on the first floor.’’
  • Birmingham Airport: ‘’You can only vape in the designated smoking areas. You can find these outside the terminal building but once you have passed check-in you won't be able to vape until you reach your destination.’’
  • London Stanstead: ‘’You can vape in the designated smoking areas outside the terminal. There are no smoking areas after you have been through security.’’
  • Exeter Airport: ‘’You cannot smoke or use e-cigarettes in any part of the airport. If you are flying from Exeter airport, you can vape in the smoking area through the bar in the departures lounge.’’
  • London Heathrow: ‘’Passengers are not permitted to use electronic cigarettes within the premises. E-cigarettes can only be used in smoking areas outside the terminal. There are no smoking areas after security.’’

What countries have banned disposable vapes?

Last but most importantly, you must consider the country you are going to. There will be many countries where vaping is legal, but there are restrictions on where you can vape publicly. It is wise to check the country’s rules on where vaping is permitted.

However, in many countries, E-Cigarettes and disposable vapes are illegal and bringing one into the country is a criminal offence. To keep you informed, Juicemate has put together a list of the countries where disposable vapes are illegal. If you travel to any of these countries, remember to leave your vapes at home: 

  • Bahrain, Barbados, Bhutan, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, Colombia, Costa Rica, East Timor, Egypt, Ethiopia, The Gambia, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, North Korea, Kuwait, Lao, Lebanon, Macao, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Oman, Palestine, Panama, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Syria, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Uruguay, Vatican City and Venezuela

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