SMOK is one of the market leaders in the UK’s vape industry. Providing a luxurious vaping experience to all levels of vapers. So, whether you are a beginner vaper who is just starting your journey from smoking to vaping, or you are an experienced vaper who knows all the tricks in the book, SMOK have got equipment for you. With a range of mods, coils, tanks and batteries available, you can build a powerful vape that will give you a satisfying nicotine hit and treat your taste buds. Take a look at our extensive collection of SMOK products below… 

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SMOK is one of the market leaders in the vaping industry. This brand was created in 2010 and has grown ever since. The brand produces excellent quality vaping equipment and is constantly researching and developing its products to make them even better for its customers. The main goal of this brand is to provide a luxurious, high-quality and safe experience for vapers.


With an extensive range of products such as mods, coils and tanks – you can get everything you need from SMOK. This makes it a brilliant brand for beginners, as it makes the process of creating your first vape easy and the transition from smoking to vaping much easier than with other brands. SMOK is also great for experienced vapers that want a powerful performing vape. 

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