As the environment is becoming more of a concern in society, more and more people are questioning whether vaping and smoking have an impact, and are wondering which is the more eco-conscious option. Smoking causes pollution, due to the toxic chemicals contained within each cigarette. Whereas the environmental impact of vaping can be managed through proper disposal of e-liquids and equipment. Read on to find out more about the impact that vaping and smoking have on the environment, and how you can be more eco-conscious with the way that you vape. 

Key Considerations

Cigarette Butts 

Cigarette butts are a massive problem as they are not biodegradable. For example, if you flick a cigarette butt on the side of a road, and return a month later it could still be there, and if you return one year later it could still be there, and even if you return ten years later it could still be there! 

If you are a moderate smoker and smoke 12 cigarettes a day, these are the stats of how many cigarette butts you produce over time: 

  • 1 week = 84 butts
  • 1 month = 336 butts 
  • 1 year = 4,032 butts
  • 5 years = 20,160 butts
  • 10 years = 40, 320 butts


WHO report Tobacco: Poisoning Our Planet, states that the tobacco industry is responsible for the following each year: 

  • Loss of 8 million human lives 
  • Cutting down 600 million trees
  • Ruining 200,000 hectares of land
  • Using 22 billion tonnes of water 
  • Releasing 84 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere

Humans need trees to be able to survive on Earth. Trees are responsible for producing oxygen, removing excess carbon dioxide and providing a home to wildlife. You can do your part by quitting smoking and switching to vaping. 

Chemicals in Cigarettes 

There are over 7,000 chemicals in just one cigarette, and over 250 of them are known to be harmful to both your health and the environment, such as carbon monoxide, benzene and nickel. All of the chemicals you smoke are exhaled into the air, which pollutes the atmosphere. 

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Carbon Dioxide 

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the main cause of global warming. As previously mentioned, the tobacco industry released 84 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, which has a massive effect. Global warming is a huge problem as it impacts how plants grow (slower), the lifetime and existence of animals and it is destroying entire ecosystems. 

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Eco-Conscious Vaping Tips

Vaping is significantly better for the environment and your health. Make the switch from smoking today for a healthier, greener future. Read our blog post ‘A Complete Guide To Switching From Cigarettes To Vaping’, to help you make the change today! 

Vaping is not entirely eco-friendly, but it is much better for the environment than smoking. The damage that vaping causes to the environment can be managed by following a few of our top tips. 

Disposal of Batteries

Vape batteries will usually last vapers a very long time. However, they do eventually run out. When this happens, it is important to dispose of the batteries properly. Ensure that you recycle the battery in your recycling bin or put it inside of a battery recycling container (which can be found in supermarkets, workplaces and schools). Certain properties of the batteries are reusable. 

Vape Charging 

You can extend the lifespan of your vape battery, which also benefits you and saves you money in the long run. Simply switching your e-cigarette off when not in use can extend the life of the battery. Also, you should not leave your e-cig to charge overnight and remove it from charge when it is fully charged so it doesn’t become overcharged. 

Safely Dispose 

It is important to safely dispose of vaping equipment and e-liquids, as they can negatively affect the environment and even be dangerous. 

If you have an e-liquid that you do not like, or you have ‘gone off’, then pass it on to a family member or friend to try out rather than wasting it. Alternatively, you can mix the flavour with another to create your own flavour and improve the taste. You should never put unwanted e-liquids down the drain or bin. Read this blog post to find out more about the does and don’ts of disposing of vape juice. Put empty, clean e-liquid bottles in the recycling bin or take them to a recycling centre. 

Reusable Devices

Whilst disposable cigarettes can be the best solution for many people, due to the affordability and convenience, if you are a regular vaper then investing in a reusable device will work out better for you in the long run. Single-use vapes are manufactured from many non-recyclable materials, which harms the environment. 

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